HMI emulator

wulfman wulfman at
Thu Apr 30 17:16:27 CDT 2015

i sent this earlier with an attachment  i guess mails with attachments
are tossed in the garbage can

I have a HMI 200 68008 emulator. i need to convert it back to 68000

i have everything taken care of except the jumper blocks j1 and j2

they need to change back to the 68000 ones

i see some real nice pictures on the bitsavers site of the 68000 emulator

Al are you the one who owns that one ?

if so can i trouble you to pop off the plastic tops of the jumper blocks
and record the jumpers ?

they can be re glued back on with a bit of super glue as they are not on
very securely.

here are the jumpers for the 68008 j1 and j2 for your documentation on
bitsavers ( cant send a pdf file )

i also have pictures of the other things that make up the 68008
conversion if you need them

thank you in advance

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