General Electric Terminet HP 2762A

P Gebhardt p.gebhardt at
Thu Apr 30 11:14:03 CDT 2015

I have the Terminet 340 Manuals scanned and ready to be uploaded to bitsavers amongst tons of other manuals and schematics.
It's just the lack of time preventing me from taking care of it.
However, I can upload them tonight or tomorrow.
@Al: You can then check what you have in addition to my docs for the GE TerminNet.


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> I recently acquired a GE Terminet 300 in the guise of an HP 2762A
> terminal, KSR.  I am attaching what I have so far in my blog.
> I've found little on the technical side for this terminal.  If anyone
> has a manual I'd appreciate a copy.
> It is referenced in one listing of HP manuals, 02762-90001 the service
> manual.  I'm not sure what to make of the one hit I get on that P/N that
> isn't bitsavers mirrors.  I figured I'd ask here first.  I'll also 
> ask
> on the hp equipment group, I am on there too.
> is welcome to my photos, or contact me offline, and I'll
> make some better quality shots for your web site.
> I plan to get this going to use for the Multics Simulator at some
> point.  The TN300 was a common console, and was an early symptom of the
> featureless, non-blink'n lites type shop that came to be.  I know the
> Honeywell 6180 that ran Multics had an 8 panel service panel with
> wonderful sets of lights, but it was hidden in a cabinet, and typically
> not accessed by the operator.
> thanks
> Jim
> ---
> Good luck with your search Jim.
> I posted a request for *any* doc of the TermiNet 340 a month ago ...
> Not a single reply :-<   And my searches did not produce anything either.
> And I'd love to get that line printer up and running on an 11.
> greetz,
> - Henk 

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