Where's a good place to list stuff?

Mike Stein mhs.stein at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 11:53:42 CDT 2015

No question that this is an appropriate place to 
give things away or sell for a token sum, and I 
certainly prefer that for most trivial items.

But when I see items in my basement actually sell 
for > $1000 on eBay I'm understandably reluctant 
to give them away; on the other hand I don't think 
that this is the place for them either as I've 
seen enough posts from folks on collector forums 
pillorying someone for what they consider 
exorbitant prices being asked on eBay...


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> Correct me if I'm wrong but I think this is a 
> great place to give stuff
> away so long as it is germane to the subject 
> matter :O To me, the
> "equipment available" posts are just as useful 
> as the more technical posts
> are stimulating... Regular commercial 
> solicitation is probably a little
> more frowned upon however I think there are a 
> few folks subscribed that do
> deal in parts on at least a quasi-commercial 
> basis and would be happy to
> make a sale if a list member needed an item ... 
> I have no problem with
> this; I think it's a great thing when a match 
> can be made on equipment
> without the gear hitting eBay ... Of course I'm 
> not the mod; just my own
> opinions.
> Best,
> Sean
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>>   and the piece de resistance:
>>> An HP fetal monitor (without probes) for the 
>>> budding pediatrician among
>>> you.
>> Not to be picky but that would be for the 
>> "budding Obstetrician or
>> Neonatologist" in you.... ;)
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>> Duh; of course!
>> (but just between us, I'm not fussy; you can 
>> have it regardless of  your
>> present or future specialty ;-)

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