Where's a good place to list stuff?

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at btinternet.com
Thu Apr 30 04:18:59 CDT 2015

Ebay is a good place to buy and sell. However if you are buying take a 
few precautions.
Always use a credit card and PayPal together with Ebay's own protection 
you stand a chance if there are problems.

Never never buy anything because its cheap or anything you are not 
exactly sure what it is.
If its electronic collect if you can and see it run if thats possible.
Look for garage sale type of listings  were  there's a mix of items.
Its often the case tha you get a sale where people have passed on and 
the house is being cleared.

Never buy something you want, always buy something you need.
Always set an upper limit on price and stick to it.


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>> I realize that this list isn't really for listing items for sale or giving stuff away so
>> I hope you'll excuse this, but other than eBay and the VCF forum &
>> marketplace, where's a good place to list items like the ones below to see if
>> there's any interest?
> There is also the MARCH list, and also often specific lists for special equipment, but it seems many of the other sites are laced with scammers. I recently posted a "wanted" on the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group "BARTG" asking about Creed parts and had some scammer from New Jersey offering to sell me them. It was only as I knew that shipping from the USA would be expensive I googled the e-mail address only to find the same guy spends his life trawling sites for "wanted" adds and offers to sell you anything old and rare, including computer, radio auto and motor cycle parts. These days its simple enough to ask for a photo of the part. You can then usually use google image search to see which web site he stole it from...
> A friend also tried to sell a piano on GumTree. He has had nothing but sob stories of folks wanted him to pay to ship it to themselves.
> He also tried LOOT (I don't think you have it in the US) with similar results.
> Even AutoTrader(UK) seems tainted. I recently googled one vendor who seemed to have less expensive motorbikes, again to find several folks with tails of scams over the years.
> So I guess the old adage "Buyer Beware" is still true, and E-Bay seems a well regulated market place.
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