Hi and what are these?

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Thu Apr 23 18:29:38 CDT 2015

On 2015-Apr-23, at 3:56 PM, Justin Keogh wrote:
> Hey everyone, I am new to the list, have a collection of 60's and 70's hardware I am slowly selling, but these have me stumped (I am not an expert in vintage computing):
> http://imgur.com/0SHTT9A
> http://imgur.com/lJXbLjf
> http://imgur.com/uPasyFE
> http://imgur.com/W3eHes1
> http://imgur.com/A5GuF4Z
> http://imgur.com/Wp2jKOb
> http://imgur.com/KEiE9It
> http://imgur.com/okDQVJQ
> Anyone know what either of them are called or what system(s) they go to?

The larger one (2*43=86 pin) is - as confirmed by the part number in the last photo - an extender for the HP 2116 processor series.
Note also the key-slot between pins at the 18th-19th positions.

It should be useful for all the machines in the HP 2100 series.

(If you ebay it let us know, although I expect I'll be outbid.)

> Sometime in the next month or so, I will be auctioning off a complete (working) Data General Nova 2, along with a few other very rare (from my searches on this list) big items.
> Thanks!

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