Late-model Hercules card

Philip Pemberton classiccmp at
Wed Apr 22 17:26:21 CDT 2015

On 22/04/15 18:40, tony duell wrote:
> Mildly off-subject but a few years ago there were 5" (or so) mono analogue
> TVs sole by various shops (including Maplin), As well as the UHF aerial input they
> had composite video (TV rate, obvious) inputs. Run off internal C cells (if you are
> a millionaire), 12V DC or a wall wart. I find one to be very useful on the workbench
> when repairing home micros and the like, you can reaad 40 columns on it, and it 
> is small enough not to get in the way. No idea where you'd find one now.

I've got one somewhere. I've also got a successor - a little TFT monitor
intended as a reversing camera monitor for cars. Runs from 12V, takes
PAL or NTSC composite in, good enough to read 40 columns (at least) and
maybe 80 too.

One of these days I should feed it Mode 0 from the Master 128 and see
what happens...

classiccmp at

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