Late-model Hercules card

tony duell ard at
Wed Apr 22 12:40:26 CDT 2015

> I have a 7" full resolution VGA Monochrome monitor of some odd vintage.
> When I found it at the TRW swapmeet, I grabbed it by the cables and
> shoved I think $20 to the guy for it, and had other hands going for it
> before the exchange was done (one off).  every row i'd have someone
> wanting to go buy one.

There was a UK company called Kent Modular Electronics (KME) who
made a range of small (9" and smaller) VGA mono and colour monitors
as chassis units to build into other equipment. Not cheap, but from what
I heard they worked very well. I have the service manuals for a couple of them
somewhere, but no actual units.

KME, by the way, made the monitor for the UK PERQ 2T1 and the Whitechapel
MG1 (amongst others). 

Mildly off-subject but a few years ago there were 5" (or so) mono analogue
TVs sole by various shops (including Maplin), As well as the UHF aerial input they
had composite video (TV rate, obvious) inputs. Run off internal C cells (if you are
a millionaire), 12V DC or a wall wart. I find one to be very useful on the workbench
when repairing home micros and the like, you can reaad 40 columns on it, and it 
is small enough not to get in the way. No idea where you'd find one now.


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