Late-model Hercules card

tony duell ard at
Tue Apr 21 16:04:40 CDT 2015

> Thanks Tony, looks like it's straight MDA, then - 1 and 2 are grounded, and
> 3,4,5 are n/c.

So presumably Hercules graphics (after all, there's 64K RAM on there).

> I'm still surprised that there was a market for new Hercules boards in
> 1990, although I suppose it's possible that it was part of a batch made for

That is about the time I got my first PC-compatible (a real IBM 5160) and at that
time the PC-parts-shop I used (Target Electronics in Bristol, they sold some useful
surplus stuff too, and electronic components) sold clone (ASIC-based) CGA, EGA and
mono cards (the last may well have been herculese), XT-clone motherboards, etc. I assume
people bought them. 


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