CompuServe Drives: Custom firmware?

Cory Smelosky b4 at
Mon Apr 20 20:39:58 CDT 2015

On Mon, 20 Apr 2015, jim s wrote:

> Rich,
> I also had difficulty with the FTP, but trying to use Filezilla.  I specified 
> remote system type VMS for lack of any other filezilla OS that would take 
> PS:<x.x.x> file names.
> I got a good anonymous session, but the PWD command was rejected by the 
> server, and at that point Filezilla has a hissy fit and stops.
> I used the server->custom command to try to issue a LIST and NLST command to 
> the server, but it was having none of that, and those commands time out after 
> about 15 seconds.
> The linux command line FTP works fine.
> I wonder if Cory's problem was / is an active vs. passive issue? Does your 
> firewall allow passive connections?  (I think those are the ones which drill 
> back at the server IP and expect to get another socket).  I've had problems 
> with that in the past, and have had to fiddle with various clients to get the 
> right combination for the server.

Yeah, I went to active and all was good.

> But on the Filezilla problem, I am not sure what the "dir" command on the 
> linux command line client translates to that works, whereas issuing that as a 
> custom command it is rejected.
> I just used mget to grab the documentation from the command line, so problem 
> solved anyway.

Same. Now to figure out what PSF is.

> BTW with various people looking for Panda, I've not found anything, but am 
> not giving up.  I could swear I found access to it some time ago and got some 
> stuff downloaded.
> thanks
> Jim

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