CompuServe Drives: Custom firmware?

jim s jwsmail at
Mon Apr 20 20:28:52 CDT 2015

On 4/20/2015 5:19 PM, Cory Smelosky wrote:
> On Tue, 21 Apr 2015, Rich Alderson wrote:
>>> BSD FTP clients disliking it?
>> I don't see you logging in anywhere.  Did you edit that out, or did you
>> forget?
> I edited that out.
> 230- User ANONYMOUS, job 9, logged in at
> 230- 20-Apr-2015 16:47:44.
>> Rich
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I also had difficulty with the FTP, but trying to use Filezilla.  I 
specified remote system type VMS for lack of any other filezilla OS that 
would take PS:<x.x.x> file names.

I got a good anonymous session, but the PWD command was rejected by the 
server, and at that point Filezilla has a hissy fit and stops.

I used the server->custom command to try to issue a LIST and NLST 
command to the server, but it was having none of that, and those 
commands time out after about 15 seconds.

The linux command line FTP works fine.

I wonder if Cory's problem was / is an active vs. passive issue? Does 
your firewall allow passive connections?  (I think those are the ones 
which drill back at the server IP and expect to get another socket).  
I've had problems with that in the past, and have had to fiddle with 
various clients to get the right combination for the server.

But on the Filezilla problem, I am not sure what the "dir" command on 
the linux command line client translates to that works, whereas issuing 
that as a custom command it is rejected.

I just used mget to grab the documentation from the command line, so 
problem solved anyway.

BTW with various people looking for Panda, I've not found anything, but 
am not giving up.  I could swear I found access to it some time ago and 
got some stuff downloaded.


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