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Pin 11 is the DIFFSENSE signal.  It will not be grounded on an SE 
cable.  an SE cable should have it ganged with all the other grounds to 
make HVD shut down so as not to damage the negative side of the diff 
drivers, which go into grounds on the SE side, as well as not harming SE 
circuits with HVD signals

Also on SE pins 1-11, 15-25 are all grounds.  On the HVD, 1,26,14,39, 25 
and 50 are all grounds.  The rest should not be commoned to those signals.

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I have a Digi STS 1032 SCSI terminal server here, thought I'd ask if
anyone knows before I pull out the multimeter and fight with using a
magnifier to count the pins and measure.

50-pin external SCSI, anyone know if this is an HVD SCSI device?

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