Help needed please re possible loss of a Burroughs B7800 CPU

Nigel Williams nw at
Mon Apr 6 03:28:10 CDT 2015

On Thu, Apr 2, 2015 at 11:41 AM,  <evan.linwood at> wrote:
> Is there anyone who can attack this at a higher level? I'm happy to
> pass on relevant details to anyone who could help positively (I don't
> want to cause unnecessary aggravation by posting everything here, the
> people I've spoken to have already been as helpful as they can).

Well done scouting out what happened, I've emailed Ralph to see if he
knows something.

> If it's true that it is possibly one of the last existing CPU frames
> of the B5000 family, and if it went to one of the major Museums in the
> US as a result, that would be a great outcome (if it still exists at
> all).

Small correction, B7700/B7800 is a unique system, it's own family,
loosely related to the B6700 family (it was intended to be B6500/B6700
compatible, they diverged at one point and then forcibly merged back).

You could say an extant B7800 frame is a "last existing CPU frame of
Burroughs large-system", I don't know of any that survived intact,
although there are rumors.

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