SGI Indigo2 graphics options

Jules Richardson jules.richardson99 at
Wed Apr 1 21:31:31 CDT 2015

On 03/31/2015 08:46 PM, Sean Caron wrote:
> Sorry, it's a teal cabinet; I'm crass; I call them "green" and "purple",
> respectively, for non-Impact and Impact I2s :)

:-)  I think one of the SGI's did have green on it - I wonder if it wasn't 
one of the early IRIS systems, though.  But I think SGI would work with 
people and create custom colors for the MIPS-era machines if they wanted, 
no doubt for a hefty price.

> [R8k]
> But it's a neat little oddball; I like having a white elephant around.

Yup :) I know what you mean, it's not as though any of this stuff is going 
to be *fast* in modern terms, so rare/goofy is often more fun.

> I guess I was just lucky to get into the hobby at the right time ca.
> 1999-2001 when a lot of this particular gear just happened to be hitting
> the secondhand market... I got a lot of my gear from a great guy, Herb
> Johnson

I think he used to be on this list, I'm not sure if he still is, though.

> Great that you got a pair of matching feet! Use em! I think the system
> looks absolutely gorgeous when on stands. Laying an I2 horizontally on a
> desktop does not do it justice, IMO ;)

Yeah, I think they look a lot nicer standing up. Given comments about how 
brittle some of the plastics can be, I'm not sure I'd want to try removing 
them now anyway ;)

> Good luck with the Origin, I've never personally owned any SGI that
> large... closest I come is I've got some guts to a Crimson. IIRC that
> hardware was considered kind of "finicky" in its day so might not hurt to
> run in a reduced config and keep some for spare parts.

True. And it's not like I *need* all the boards fitted anyway. It just 
would have been nice to fire it up as an 8-CPU system just once :-) (the 
one I had at work back in the day was an 8-CPU machine; I remember Oracle 
throwing a fit one day, because they licensed per-CPU and had been under 
the impression for months that it was a single-CPU system)

It looks like I've got 3GB of RAM for it - all in 64MB modules. There are a 
lot of them...



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