Altair Turnkey and some DEC stuff cheap

B Degnan billdeg at
Sat Apr 4 15:30:25 CDT 2015


I have one Altair turnkey (chassis only) and a bunch of DEC components 
available from a lot of computers I picked up the other day.  I am looking 
only to recover expenses (truck and gas) and I don't want much.  These are 
best for someone who has experience cleaning a "barn find" as this is where 
I got these items.  The real "cost" will be the time needed to take apart 
these systems and clean thoroughly.  I did not see evidence of any chewed 
wires fortunately, just nests, some urine staining, seed storage, etc.  All 
of the computers were working maybe 20 years ago-ish but they have fallen 
into neglect.   


Best offer for some/all, pick up only.  Landenberg, PA.  No I will not 
deliver to VCF.  




  - PDP 11/34 #1 (no serial card but otherwise populated) *
- PDP 11/34 #2 (with Hard drives, racked, no serial card but otherwise 
populated) *
- PDP 11/44  (mostly populated complete maybe) *
- Tall rack with RK05 ** and hard drive for DEC 11/34 #1
- Altair Turnkey, chassis only.  *

asterisk key:
* items contains/contained a rodent nest.
** I tried but could not extend from rack, rails rusted?

NOTE - I will keep these items outside ready to be taken.  They will be 
tightly covered with a new tarp, the weather should be nice for a while.  
That said, if you want these items held for an extended period I can't 
guarantee that they'll stay dry forever.  Act Now!  



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