FS: HP 9000 and DEC Alpha machines

Sean Caron scaron at umich.edu
Sun Nov 30 10:38:11 CST 2014

I'd love to have a 4000/60 someday but you know how the retail prices are
for those; off the wall. My target price on them is in the neighborhood of
$200-250 for something in good shape... not necessarily "maxed out" but not
beat up or missing major parts. I dunno, I've been stricken with car
trouble this week so I probably don't have anything to spend on vintage
computers anyway, but, if the price is right... maybe I could sell some
plasma or something, LOL. Are you gunning for full eBay price on these?

The PWS systems are nice little machines too but I still have a hard time
considering something with a PCI bus to be vintage & collectible ;)



On Sun, Nov 30, 2014 at 8:11 AM, Mark Linimon <linimon at lonesome.com> wrote:

> [fwiw, is there a better place for FS/Wanted listings?  If there's not
> some kind of 'commerce' site, should we set one up?]
> As most of you know, I work for a company that decommisions data centers
> and resells the equipment (usually eBay but sometimes directly).  There
> are a few things in the triage queue that might be of interest to the
> list members.  If there is interest, I'll approach my boss, otherwise
> they'll be processed as usual.
> By default we check eBay for the value before listing anything.  At
> the very least we value it at scrap value.  And no, I can't take anything
> out the back door for cheap :-)  They're in business to make money.
> These will all sell without the hard drives per our contracts with
> our customers.  As for the HP and IBM, I have not yet climbed back all
> the way into the triage area to get more details.  The desktops are
> accessible to me.
> Of course all of these are listed subject to prior sale.
> Reply-To set to me personally, but if you have comments e.g. about
> appropriateness, please feel free to redirect to the list.  I'm a
> big boy, I can take it :-)
> mcl
> 3 * Vaxstation 4000 60 (desktop)
> 1 * Dec 3000 (desktop)
> 1 * IBM 3490 EC22 (19" rack full)
> 1 * HP 9000 Model K360 K-Class 9000 (19" rack full)
> 5 * Digital Personal Workstation 500au (desktop)
> 2 * Digital Personal Workstation 600a (desktop)
> 2 * Compaq XP1000 (desktop, appear similar to above)

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