FS: HP 9000 and DEC Alpha machines

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Sun Nov 30 07:11:28 CST 2014

[fwiw, is there a better place for FS/Wanted listings?  If there's not
some kind of 'commerce' site, should we set one up?]

As most of you know, I work for a company that decommisions data centers
and resells the equipment (usually eBay but sometimes directly).  There
are a few things in the triage queue that might be of interest to the
list members.  If there is interest, I'll approach my boss, otherwise
they'll be processed as usual.

By default we check eBay for the value before listing anything.  At
the very least we value it at scrap value.  And no, I can't take anything
out the back door for cheap :-)  They're in business to make money.

These will all sell without the hard drives per our contracts with
our customers.  As for the HP and IBM, I have not yet climbed back all
the way into the triage area to get more details.  The desktops are
accessible to me.

Of course all of these are listed subject to prior sale.

Reply-To set to me personally, but if you have comments e.g. about
appropriateness, please feel free to redirect to the list.  I'm a
big boy, I can take it :-)


3 * Vaxstation 4000 60 (desktop)
1 * Dec 3000 (desktop)
1 * IBM 3490 EC22 (19" rack full)
1 * HP 9000 Model K360 K-Class 9000 (19" rack full)
5 * Digital Personal Workstation 500au (desktop)
2 * Digital Personal Workstation 600a (desktop)
2 * Compaq XP1000 (desktop, appear similar to above)

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