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On 11/21/2014 11:55 AM, William Donzelli wrote:
>> I am collecting a list of the brands and models, but so far, very few pics have been sent my way.  Even something from an ad on the internet is fine.  The scrappers are very visual, and a dark brown cabinet will yield lots of results.  Lots of switches and lights is cool, but they don't turn them on (I don't think u want them to), and the $8 sorters barely speak English, and don't know what anything is.  The more visual we can be, the better our chances.
> The IBM 3880 is a pretty generic looking late-1970s/1980s box:
> Many interesting IBM look pretty much just like this. The colors may
> change, the black control panel may differ, but the ends are almost
> always white. Anything that looks like this is probably of interest.
> --
> Will
that is it.  3180 == 3880.  I was after a storage director.

Also some of the 3375's had storage directors in the A unit and though 
they are CKD, they are desirable with small data centers.

The most desirable air cooled of course was the 4361, which had the 
storage director for 3370's.

Cindy said don't say "pizza box" but specify sparc 5.  That is 
equivalent to specifying these numbers, but I'll get her photos off the 
IBM site if that is what she needs.

I'm only putting this out because these seem to still be worming their 
way out from somewhere to the scrappers before they get to collectors 
either your whales, or us.

If this guy wants to be nice I'll supply what it takes.  He is quoted as 
saying he is getting these sorts of boxes regularly, so I'll ante up 
some info.

Thanks for the update, Will.

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