mainframes and other stuff

Dave G4UGM dave.g4ugm at
Fri Nov 21 12:08:38 CST 2014

> I paid the price of about 2 to 3 x steel scrap for all of my data center.  It still
> lives on in the possession of a list member or 2.
> people post 3420's for 4000 bucks.  No scrapper is going to get that.

No but I would have thought a 3420 is a big chunk of steel, aluminium and copper. At least $200 possibly 400-600..

> If he wants to admire the scrap in his warehouse till someone might pay that
> for it, then it will be crap by the time the buyer gets to it.
> As sold by the top of the thread, Cindy suggested the person was smashing
> this up and wanted specifics.
> Add them please.  It has been 30 years since I bought this, and I don't know
> what the price differential is, you seem to, so contribute it.
> Jim

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