VAXen in Hawai

William Donzelli wdonzelli at
Tue Nov 18 15:56:21 CST 2014

> On the other hand, I suppose it's nice to know that even in this late day
> and age, there's still some vintage gear to be found alive and kicking yet
> out in the wild!
> Collectors in HI keep your eyes peeled... it's probably pretty expensive to
> ship an 11/780 in from off the island ;)

I think you guys are jumping to conclusions with the VAX-11/780 thing.
The article is using a picture they grabbed from the net - not the
actual machine (notice that the picture shows the VAX in an
environment  that is clearly not a datacenter. Then there is that
picture of the terminal...). It is quite common for crap journalism to
assume that any big mainframe dates to when the line was introduced.
The IBM guys get it all the time - their latest super duper Z box will
be called a 50 year old dinosaur.


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