Coleco Adam

Zane Healy healyzh at
Mon Nov 17 20:40:53 CST 2014

After searching since the late-90's, in the last month I've finally had some real luck on the Coleco front.  First I got a ColecoVision, and then this last Saturday I was able to get a Coleco Adam quite reasonably.

In doing some research I've learned that I should be able to replace the printer with an Arcade power-supply that supplies +12V, +5V, and -5V.  I also see that I can get a IDE/CF adapter that lets me use a CF card as a drive.  

Now for my questions, what software is available for the Adam that can make use of a CF card 'disk drive'?  Also, I gather that the system will erase any magnetic media when turned on or off?  What is it that actually does this, is it the power supply, cassette drive, or something else? 


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