Vince Briel computers

Amardeep S Chana asc135 at
Mon Nov 10 06:33:37 CST 2014

David Griffith <dgriffi at> wrote:

> He seems to come and go.  I ordered a mini-altair from him in September
of 2013 and got it around a year later.

I've run into this too many times over the years with someone who is
running a side business.  Demand greatly outstrips their work process and
the owner is just inclined to keep stringing along the customers with
excuses, if any communications at all.

Years ago I ordered a lot of equipment from "The TRS-80 Recycler."  It took
over a year and dozens of really lame excuses before I received it all.
Then I saw similar things happen to people who prepaid for those next
generation IMSAIs, but they never got theirs.  Same thing with a supplier
or two in my other hobby, reel-to-reel tape recorders.

If I was in that situation I'd probably just stop accepting new orders
(i.e. cash) but accept backorders.  Tell the buyer honestly how long it
might take and charge the money only the day it ships.  But often these
guys *need* the money and keep accepting it, which is just a wrong thing to


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