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Sun Nov 9 16:14:16 CST 2014

On Fri, 7 Nov 2014, Tom Sparks wrote:

> On 07/11/14 13:25, Gary Kaufman wrote:
>> Has anyone been able to reach Vince Briel recently?  I hope he's ok, as
>> I've enjoyed his pocket-term and micro-kim kits.
>> I ordered a Superboard III kit on August 25th.  I was hoping to use it
>> as a gift in early October!
>> On 9/18 I heard back with
>> "Hey Gary,I have a OSI 600 and I can say the Superboard III is really
>> close to the exact same thing (little better video quality). I'll look
>> for your order and see if I can't get it out shortly"
>> And on October 13th
>> "Hi Gary. Sorry ive been moving this week. Should be done in a day or
>> two. My main pc went down but i should have it fixed this week. Still
>> only have phone for internet."
>> Nothing since, and no additional information on his forum or website.
> I hope it's not too serious because I am looking at get some more
> computers from him

He seems to come and go.  I ordered a mini-altair from him in September of 
2013 and got it around a year later.

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