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Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed Nov 5 10:40:09 CST 2014

On Wed, Nov 05, 2014 at 09:45:30AM -0600, Jay West wrote:
> I just received a post from a listmember about their "patience wearing
> thin". To that list member, I suggest you unsubscribe completely from both
> lists permanently. Obviously we're not the best choice for them. My patience
> is not wearing thin just yet. If yours is. please leave.

That was me.  I was originally subscribed to just cctalk but now also receive
unwanted cctech posts, however the mailman subscription management system
believes I am not subscribed to either list and has ignored my attempts to
unsubscribe from cctech.  This includes a fruitless attempt to subscribe so
that there's something to immediately unsubscribe from.  It's not as if I
haven't *tried* to quietly fix this for myself and not bother you, but it's
outwith my power to do so.

I suspect if I subscribed you to some of my mailing lists without any means of
unsubscription, you'd be likewise somewhat miffed.  Perhaps you'd even report
it as spam (which it would be!) or complain to my ISP.  The "patience wearing
thin" was my way of saying I'm annoyed but trying to be restrained because I've
been in your shoes.  But if I don't highlight that mailman has failed-unsafe,
how are you to know it needs fixing?

Obviously, as list owner, you can boot me off either or both lists if you so
wish; your server, your rules.  I'd prefer you not do that though, and
apologise for the somwhat brusque tone that I used out of frustration.

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