list issues & status

Jay West jwest at
Wed Nov 5 09:45:30 CST 2014

As I suspected and alluded to before, there are issues with the list(s) that
were pretty much expected (loss of previous settings of digest mode, as well
as cross posting resulting in duplicates, and in some cases posts showing up
as attachments). Yes, I am aware of these issues.


I just received a post from a listmember about their "patience wearing
thin". To that list member, I suggest you unsubscribe completely from both
lists permanently. Obviously we're not the best choice for them. My patience
is not wearing thin just yet. If yours is. please leave.


Given that the list(s) are at least semi-functional, albeit with some
issues, I switched gears and have been working to get the websites and other
services migrated from the old server to the new server, and am almost
complete with that. Should have the last website migrated by Friday as well
as a few changes that are needed on the main bitsavers repository. After
that, I'll start digging into the remaining issues with list functionality
and then finally we'll start dealing with getting the archives imported
(along with bits that have been missing for a while).


Thanks so much for all your patience folks, we'll get there.







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