FTGH: DEC Networks & Comm Buyer's Guide, Letterprinter 210/LA50 manuals

Toby Thain toby at telegraphics.com.au
Mon Mar 28 18:09:00 CDT 2022

On 2022-03-28 6:34 p.m., Grant Taylor via cctalk wrote:
> On 3/27/22 8:50 PM, Toby Thain via cctalk wrote:
>> Hi,
> Hi Toby,
>> Digital Networks & Communications Buyer's Guide 1987 April-June
> Can I get a bit more of a description as to what might be in that document?
> I've got an (unhealthy) interest in old networking equipment and might 
> be interested in it.

Sorry, I should have updated the thread -- the document itself has been 

I snapped the TOC though: https://imgur.com/a/iB81d3U

Not sure if it is on Bitsavers.


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