DEC ME11-L core memory expansion unit drawings

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Fri Mar 25 08:21:12 CDT 2022

    > From: Steven Malikoff

    > I have finally got around to scanning the print set for the DEC ME11-L
    > memory expansion unit

Ah, thanks for that. The prints for the boards are available, in the
PDP-11/05 Engineering Drawings (on pp. 115-137), but the MF11-L backplane was
previously missing. (The -11/05 generally mounts MM11-L sets in the main CPU
backplane, so the MF11-L backplane is not included in the -11/05 prints.) It
is the non-parity MF11-L backplane (DEC part number 54-09959), not the parity
one (part number 54-10331), though. (My theory is that the non-parity version
can be upgraded to parity with an etch cut, and some added wires, FWIW.)


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