ID UV erasable PROMS used on an IBM PC board?

Christian Corti cc at
Wed Mar 23 10:18:11 CDT 2022

On Wed, 23 Mar 2022, Chris Elmquist wrote:
> More interesting.  If the programming algorithms remained the same then I
> guess it is just an issue for the programming system--  when it auto-IDs,
> it should display (and allow!) 27C256A instead of 27C256.
> I guess the next question is whether the programming algorithms really
> are the same between the 8CH and the 8DH variants??
> My limited testing suggests they are at least compatible since my 8DH
> appears to be working when programmed as an 8CH.

I didn't even know that primitive EPROMs have device IDs...
Without looking for a data book, how is the ID mechanism implemented?


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