LSSM is chasing this, was Re: General Data? Computer Equipment Auction - GSA

Jay Logue jay-tuhs9915 at
Thu Mar 17 14:15:26 CDT 2022

On 3/17/2022 10:56 AM, Ethan O'Toole via cctalk wrote:
> Our stuff is ALWAYS going out and getting played with.
This is great!  I very much applaud you doing this.  In a similar vein, 
I am also trying to get to a point where I can share my very meager 
"collection" with others who might appreciate it.

I certainly understand that there exists a continuum of private 
collectors/museums with different attitudes towards sharing, from those 
like yourself who openly and enthusiastically share their possessions, 
to those who choose to hide them away and let them collect dust.  The 
point of my earlier message was simply to say that I support the former 
while regretting the latter.


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