IBM 5110 (5100) schematics ?

Ali cctalk at
Thu Mar 17 11:52:06 CDT 2022

> There was a 5110 on ebay, non-working, that a friend had some interest
> in. It was quite a gamble at the price, in the absence of real tech
> info. ... Apparently it's been delisted, so my question is just
> curiousity at this point.

I think I know the one, and at that price it was insane even for a fully
working system.... 

An observation of the so called non-working systems on e-bay:

This seems to be the latest seller scam being fuelled by crazy prices
(anyone see the $3.3K IBM terminal keyboard that sold a couple of weeks
ago?). I am seeing more and more items from sellers who previously would
tout "great shape", "checked by our in house tech", "refurbished", whatever
other BS as being listed as not-working or even powering on ("system won't
turn on"). I think this is to avoid having to accept returns under the eBay
MB guarantee more than anything. Items being sold for parts/not working have
much less excuse for return vs. "refurbished" which have to work perfectly

With items selling for prices that would be "crazy" for new old stock item
the eBay sellers don't feel the need to BS about condition anymore. This is
mostly occurring with the warehouse guys that have suddenly found "gold" in
the pile of junk in the back of the warehouse that has been sitting there
since the late 90s/early 2000s. The small time guys or ordinary folks are
still schilling the "worked great when last used but no guarantees" line...
Anybody else seeing this as well? 

Just my two cents....


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