Does anyone/museum test disk packs?

Chris Zach cz at
Wed Mar 16 21:28:03 CDT 2022

> I vividly recall a log by an operator who had a bad CDC 844 pack who
> proceeded to destroy 5 drives and 3 additional packs. It was detailed
> enough that it read like Gerard Hoffnung's "Bricklayer's Story".

When I was testing one of my RL02 drives I had a head skid on the disk. 
Problem was the air filter was so clogged there wasn't enough air to 
allow the heads to fly.

Replaced filter which allowed me to read the damaged pack with the worn 
down heads, then replaced the heads with a spare set. The heads 
themselves were worn to the point where they were angled....

Disclaimer: This drive and pack came from a Solarex plant where they 
controlled the silicon wafer cutters. In other words silicon dust 


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