Seeking a MC75325L Dual Memory Driver

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Wed Mar 16 04:12:02 CDT 2022

Gary Oliver via cctalk wrote:

> On 3/11/22 07:01, Paul Birkel via cctech wrote:
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> > UTSOURCE claims to have a supplier of the ceramic part "new", with a
> > significantly higher shipping charge.
> >
> For what it's worth, I've ordered several times from UTSOURCE and the 
> results have been perfect.  So far, I obtained a number of the Harris 
> 'pdp8' chips D1-6120-9 and 6402 uarts plus Harris's weird baud-rate 
> generator and 6121 'port' decoder.  All have been quickly delivered and 
> were 100% tested by me only receipt and they all met operational specs 
> within specified voltage ranges.
> Surprised about shopping charges, though.  I'm in the US and the 
> shipping charges were quite 'nominal'. Less than $5 on a 25 chip order 
> of about $150.
> They are so far, "good guys" in my book.
> -Gary

Same Experience here. One time I've got an defective Z8010 MMU with a
crack on the underside in the middle of the chip, Email was enough, got
a working replacement w/o any hassle...

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