Rack Discussion Continued - Slide lubricant

Paul Koning paulkoning at comcast.net
Fri Mar 4 15:57:12 CST 2022

> On Mar 4, 2022, at 4:06 PM, Peter Coghlan via cctalk <cctalk at classiccmp.org> wrote:
>> I have several difficult slides in my H960 rack.
>> What is the best lubricant for the slides?
>> I was wondering if graphite would work better than oil due to the fact that it won't pick up dirt and dust.
> Powdered graphite for lubricating locks?
> I wouldn't like to have conductive stuff like that anywhere it might
> get sucked in by fans and deposited on PCBs.

I had the same thought.  And from what I've heard, graphite is no longer recommended for locks either; part of the reason seems to be that it absorbs moisture.  Instead there are spray cans with neat teflon-bearing very light lubricant, they work very nicely.

If I had slides that needed lubrication I might try some anti-seize compound like the stuff some guns want in the action.


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