IBM PC Connecting to DECNET

Rick Murphy rick at
Thu Jun 2 21:09:13 CDT 2022

On 6/1/2022 12:49 AM, Glen Slick via cctalk wrote:
> No one ever called it a "Digital Ethernet Personal Computer Bus
> Adapter", just a DEPCA. I never previously knew that there was any
> meaning behind the DEPCA name.

Yes, that's what it meant. "DELNI" - Digital Ethernet Local Network 
Interface. "DESTA" - Digital Ethernet Station Termination Adapter. DELQA 
- Digital  Ethernet Local Q-Bus Adapter (this one probably means 
something else. Working?). DEMPR - Multi Port Repeater. DEREP - 
Repeater.  And so forth. Yeah, nobody spelled it out, but those DExxx 
names usually meant what the device was. DEBNT, DEUNA, DEQNA. Same 
naming convention. I'm probably missing several.

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