Looking for DEC XXDP TU58 images

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Has info on ZQRC binaries and .bic / .bin images - loading is of course XFU.

The .bic image is (essentially) in absolute binary paper tape format, which may or may not help with loading.

ZQRC has been extracted from the RL02 images which are up on BitSavers.



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I have recently acquired my first ever RQDX3 and put it in a BA23 cabled to an RD53. Unfortunately the self-test light stays on, but I thought I would see how it responds anyway. The only thing I have on the system that can boot is an RX33 floppy and emulated TU58.

I have all of AK6DN's posted TU58 images, and found ZRCD, which is for the RC25, and the controller passed the interrupt test, but then of course gets errors since it is not an RC25.

I need ZRQC.  Does anybody know where I might get a TU58 image with it on?



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