Pdp 8 panel parts for trade

Chris Zach cz at alembic.crystel.com
Mon Jan 31 22:11:08 CST 2022

> I'm looking for 5 more rockers with or with out the 8i paddles

Well, I'm selling my 8/I panel but I do have a spare 8/L panel that has 
most of the switches. Are they the same basic switch?

> Or some 8i paddles I've got 5 brown and 10 white ones that I wanted to find
> when I rescued my poor 8i outs the mud

Some of my 8/L switch paddles were broken so I 3D printed replacements. 
I found that PLA plastic is far too weak especially on the pivots but if 
you print them with PETG they WILL work and the pivots can take the 
load. Have not had one fail and these are the EX/DP/START switches so 
they are taking a lot of use.


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