Compaq Portable brightness knob

David Griffith dave at
Sun Jan 23 02:45:18 CST 2022

My reply is at the bottom.  Please put your reply there too.
On Sat, 22 Jan 2022, Ali wrote:
> Is that for me? Because my reply is at the bottom. See bottom.
> >> Out of curiosity does your brightness >>adjustment work at all? 
> >I'm looking for the actual plastic knob.  The pot >itself seems to work
> >fine.
> Sorry can't help you regarding the plastic knob and I doubt you could find
> an original Compaq spare shirt of gutting another unit for parts.
> When you say the pot is working on yours does it go the full range of
> brightness i.e. from zero/off all the way to 100%/maximal brightness? Or
> does it just slightly dim the screen?

That "My reply is at the bottom..." is part of the "on so-and-so date Joe 
Blow wrote...".  I suppose I could alter that to say "(standard header)" 

Now about the pot, it turns easily and gives the full range of brightness. 
I found a few knobs on Ebay for the IBM 5151 monitor that seem like they 
might work.  They have a similar sun icon too.  I might get one just to 
see.  If it doesn't work, I can probably adapt something without a pointer 
that comes close and cobble something to mate with the pot.

David Griffith
dave at

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