seeking Motorola M68MM01A2 documentation

Jonathan Chapman lists at
Wed Jan 19 17:32:31 CST 2022

> He has a lot of Exorciser boards and manuals to scan so I will let him
> step forward when he's ready for that. But I do greatly appreciate
> getting this manual.

Nice! Looking forward to that manual dump when it does happen. I haven't done a ton with EXORbus due to the lack of keeps me from buying more stuff I'd otherwise have to reverse engineer.

> I think Jos' TEK_BB SBC will be the winning solution and thanks to Jos
> for sharing it and Jonathan for running with it. This way many people can
> run Altair 680 or SWTPC 6800 code on a small footprint development board.

It does look like just the thing for a right-now easy solution! I'll probably still move forward on especially the compatible Glitchbus board set, but not as urgently :P


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