IBM 6731 Diskette Module

D. Resor organlists1 at
Wed Jan 19 05:56:38 CST 2022

Is anyone familiar with the IBM 6731 Diskette Module from around 1984 which
gave the IBM Electronic 85 and 95 Selectric Typewriters the ability to store
created documents to a 5.25" floppy diskette?
There was also a 5.25" diskette which was nicknamed "IPL" for "initial
program load", and an interface board which was installed into the
typewriter and was referred to as the "IBM Typewriter Modularity Option".

I do not have any images of the IBM 6731, but I do have an image capture
from the installation and operations manual, posted here:
You do not need a Dropbox account to view the image.  Simply click on the X
of the login pop up and it will disappear.
Unfortunately, the only copy of this product manual I ever found was on
eBay. I purchased it last month, paid USPS priority mail shipping with
tracking and the post office lost it. :/
Don Resor

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