seeking Motorola M68MM01A2 documentation

jos jos.dreesen at
Wed Jan 19 03:08:40 CST 2022

On 19.01.22 01:22, Chris Elmquist via cctalk wrote:
> On Tuesday (01/18/2022 at 11:35PM +0000), Jonathan Chapman wrote:
>> How's about a Glitchbus board set that's compatible? I was planning on doing it anyway.
> That would be very cool.  Something along those lines was my plan B and
> I even dug out a tube of 6802's for the effort.  I think I could wire
> up a prototype over a weekend.  MC6802 is a nice "cheat" as you don't
> have to mess with the two-phase clock stuff.
> What would be really slick is an SBC that has everything on it to be
> either an Altair 680 or an SWTPC 6800 just by changing some jumpers,
> switches, etc. and putting the correct ROM monitor on the board.

Something around these lines ?

Yes, it runs, I still have some PCB's left.

Works with both 6800 or 6802, memory map is defined with a GAL.


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