AOL diskettes

Adam Thornton athornton at
Tue Jan 18 14:38:32 CST 2022

> From: Grant Taylor <cctalk at>
> I wince at the idea of running with QIC tape.  But my experience is with 
> QIC-80 tapes of the '90s which were so unreliable as to be in the same 
> category as AOL floppy disks during the late '90s around the transition 
> to CD-ROMs.  As in I would trust an AOL floppy disk to better hold my 
> data for a week than I would a QIC-80 tape to hold data for a month, 
> much less a year.  ...and I didn't even trust an AOL floppy to go from 
> computer to computer for 5 minutes.  --  Talk about a race to the bottom 
> for quality.

I wish I'd kept some.  I had some AOL CDs from slightly later that made decent coasters for decades.  Although I guess with the shutter, the floppy wouldn't really have made a very good coaster.


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