seeking Motorola M68MM01A2 documentation

Chris Elmquist chrise at
Tue Jan 18 12:54:38 CST 2022

I have quite a few Motorola Microsystems Exorciser boards including this
6800 single board computer for which I am lacking any documentation.

I've seen a brochure in Al's collection on Bitsavers but haven't found
any details that might discuss jumper settings or even better,
a schematic.

Wondering if anyone would have a user manual or other detailed docs for
this board?

M68MM01A2 -- has 6800 CPU, 6875 1.0 MHz clock generator, 6850 ACIA and
MC14411 baud rate clock, (4) EPROM/ROM sockets and (2) 6821 PIA sockets
with the 86-pin Exorciser edge connector.

I'm interested in seeing if I can minimally modify it to have a similar
memory map to the Altair 680 so that the Altair's PROM monitor could
run on it.


Chris Elmquist

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