WARNING: Clear QIC Tape Bands

Grant Taylor cctalk at gtaylor.tnetconsulting.net
Tue Jan 18 12:40:59 CST 2022

On 1/18/22 11:21 AM, Jonathan Chapman via cctalk wrote:
> I don't do a reinstall of SunOS every day, though!

Fair enough.

If I had a process where something might fail in between uses, I'd 
augment the process to re-write the image to a (new instance of) tape 
before I try to use it.

> Yeah, it's not like irreplaceable data is being lost. But when they 
> fail, you have to at least re-band another tape, and with this stuff 
> pulling oxide off, probably clean the drive too. And of course write 
> a new tape out.

I get that.

I was actually thinking of something more dastardly like a process that 
generates data as a one and done.  As such the entire process that 
generates the data needs to be re-done.  Extrapolate backwards /after/ 
doing the physical tape maintenance.

> "Tape" is I think what most people call them :P

Ya.  But "tape" is not descriptive in my opinion, especially when you 
have other types of tape; DLT, DAT, 9-track, etc.  ;-)

Grant. . . .
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