Question about SIMH Sigma-7/9 emulation

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> I see that SIMH incorporates the 32-bit Xerox Sigma architectures.  The Sigma 8/9/5x0 architectures are commented out but compile fine  Does anyone know if those later architectures have known issues?
> Has anyone succeeded in running CP-V on those emulations?  It would be amazing to run CP-V and tha various languages on a Sigma 9 emulations, not to mention the 350-point and 550-point adventures.  However, I haven't found any type of software on line.  Does anyone know of a stash somewhere?
> I remember that the Living Computer Museum, when it was open, briefly had a Sigma 9 up and running with CP-V, but was restricting public accounts due to some issue with the account generation mechanism.  I wonder if someone associated with the Museum might potentially have access to some CP-V tapes or images, even if the museum is closed.
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Try here:

My university ran a Sigma 9 with UTS then CPV
A research facility (
Shirleys bay near Ottawa ran a Sigma 7 years ago.

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