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John H. Reinhardt johnhreinhardt at
Mon Jan 10 17:22:13 CST 2022

You can contact Joerg at his site  For email see the UNIBone - Get One Page

A fellow on the VCF DEC forum tried to contact Joerg about a UNIBone recently and said he had better luck using the contact page on the web site.  You can also take a look a the Google Group for the UNIBone and the QBone (QBus version).

If you're not phased by CPL programming and surface mount IC then I'd say go for the board from Todd (I've bought boards from him before, he's good).  If not then you might want a kit from Joerg. The Get One page lists kits for €170 or assembled for €260.  In either case you have to supply your own Beaglebone Black though Joerg might still have some for €60.  I bought an assembled QBone and then later two QBone kits form Joerg.  His work is also good. I just finished one QBone kit (assembly - testing is to come) and it went well but the kit board (both QBone and UNIBone) come with all SMD items installed and the two CPL's programmed so is mostly easy through-hole soldering.  The trickiest part is the connection for the BBB.

Here are the build instructions -


John H. Reinhardt

On 1/10/2022 1:43 PM, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
> Hm. That is an idea. Technically I'm just wanting to get the thing working to see if it works, so a Unibone would be reasonable. Now where do I buy one/a kit/whatever.....
> C
> On 1/10/2022 10:46 AM, Jay Logue via cctalk wrote:
>> On 1/9/2022 7:59 PM, Chris Zach via cctalk wrote:
>>> *nod* I'll put the system aside again for awhile. But if I come across a DD11-C or D I'll go back to work on it.
>> I understand your frustration, as I've spent the better part of a year acquiring and fixing an ME11-L and associated board sets trying to get my short-box 11/05 up to a full compliment of memory.
>> Perhaps you've already considered this, but an alternative that just makes the problem "go away" is to get yourself a Unibone. Not period correct (and not core, which is what motivates me), but super useful and can emulate as much memory as you need.
>> --Jay

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