Plessy core memory

Chris Zach cz at
Sun Jan 9 21:59:10 CST 2022

> Sigh, shouldn't try to type when I'm this tired. Female 9-pin (to plug into
> the BA11-D) to male 15-pin (for the DD11-C/D to plug into).

*nod* I'll put the system aside again for awhile. But if I come across a 
DD11-C or D I'll go back to work on it.

In the "Go to Unibus hell" category I DO have a DA11-F Unibus window. It 
has the 9 pin power plug and could go in this box. More horrifying, it 
can map a portion of one Unibus onto another so in theory I could plug 
it in, wire into my pdp11/24's Unibus, and map the memory from there 
onto the 11/05, then boot RT11. Hm. I wonder if I could then map over 
the I/O page and access the RL11 on the 24.

And for real fun what would happen if I enabled the KT24 Unibus memory 


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