Plessy core memory

Noel Chiappa jnc at
Sun Jan 9 21:02:41 CST 2022

    > From: Chris Zach

    > the DD11-B is a MUD backplane

No, it's SPC; other sources, e.g.


So if you have a DD11-B, you must have a BA11-D, with the 9-pin power

The best thing to do is get a DD11-C or -D, and build an adapter cable to go
from a 9-pin male (shell; female pins) to a 15-pin female (shell; male pins),
so you don't have to mess with the harness. Part numbers here:

Then you can plug in any memory you've got the right voltages for; the MS11-E
takes + and -15V (in addition to +5V, of course).


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