Source for replacement caps in H744 regulators

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> > If I can't find 10V rated ones, then, generally up to what sort of
> > voltage rating can I go? Of course, physical size will be a factor,
> > but electrically can it affect operation of the regulator if the rated
voltage is
> too high?
> If you need to ask this, are you sure you want to do electronics repair?

I am gradually learning.

> And what makes you think that you need to replace these caps at all?

One of the H744 regulators whines and I have been told it could be the ESR
on these caps. I have measured the ESR on these particular ones (out of
circuit) and it seems higher than the expected values printed on the meter
and also the ESR is not stable, it fluctuates randomly. This suggests the
cap is not in great condition.

> Christian

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