Source for replacement caps in H744 regulators

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The voltage rating is just an absolute maximum. For PSU capacitors the other
critical rating is ripple current. Lower voltages are 
The capacitance value won't be too critical either. At the time that was
made typical electrolytic tolerances were -50/+100%
So your 6,000uf could be anywhere between 3,000uf and 12,000uf when new, so
I suspect these

Sprague, 5,800uf 50v would be ok provided they physically fit... although RS
has only one in stock...


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> Subject: Source for replacement caps in H744 regulators
> I think I may need to replace the two output capacitors in some of my H744
> regulators. These are screw terminal 6,000uF 10V parts. I have looked on
> Mouser, Farnell and Digikey and there don't seem to be any available, and
> any that are listed are really rather costly.
> Does anyone know where I might find some, preferably from a reputable
> supplier. Note that I am in the UK.
> If I can't find 10V rated ones, then, generally up to what sort of voltage
> can I go? Of course, physical size will be a factor, but electrically can
it affect
> operation of the regulator if the rated voltage is too high?
> Thanks
> Rob

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