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On 1/4/22 12:14 AM, Chuck Guzis via cctalk wrote:
> Seymour Cray, along with Bill Norris and Jim Thornton and others 
> left Remington Rand/UNIVAC after Rand bought the near-bankrupt ERA. 
> Apparently, the work environment at Rand was felt to be stifling. 
> Norris had all of the Navy connections and was a great marketer, 
> so bringing some of Rand's engineering talent along was a natural.


I guess I thought that since Seymour left CDC to form Cray Research, 
that meant that he was more of an employee at CDC and had less influence 
on how it operated as a company.  I would have assumed that someone that 
was a founder would have had more influence and tried to improve things 
before splitting off and forming yet another new company.

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