VAX 780 on eBay

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Mon Jan 3 10:50:18 CST 2022

On Mon, Jan 3, 2022 at 12:18 AM Warner Losh via cctalk
<cctalk at> wrote:
> I had accounts on a MicroVAX 2 and a VAX 11/750. The microvax was faster
> for most compute jobs, but the 750 with 1/4 the memory handled more users
> mostly in text editors with the occasional compile or nroff/troff jobs.
> IIRC, the 750 had faster disks...

I'll agree with that.  We used to run 40-50 users on our 8MB 11/750
(with both CMI and Unibus disk) but it did do some swapping over 8-10

The MicroVAX II was a pretty snappy single-user machine, but was a big
sluggish over 4 users.  Our big compute jobs were running compilers.
Most of our user load was VMS MAIL, EDT, MASS-11...


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